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Here at Stride Health one of the common conditions that we come across are patients with an ingrown toenail. Read on for advice about the condition and surgery. Contact us at Stride Health to find out about the ingrown toenail surgery cost. More info can be found below on this page as well as the NHS.

What is an ingrown toenail?

An ingrown toenail is common condition, it is frequently seen in the big toenails but can affect the lesser toenails. When a toenail is ingrown, it is curved and grows into the skin.

What causes an ingrown toenail?

An ingrown toenail can be caused by trauma, improper trimming, poor fitting footwear or nail condition such as fungal nail infection. A ingrown toenail can also be hereditary.

What are the symptoms of an ingrown toenail?

The digging in of the nail can cause the area surrounding the nail bed to become red, hot and swollen. The release of puss can indicate infection.

What are the treatments available for ingrown toenails?

Home Treatment

– Soak foot in warm for 15-20min and use Epsom salt
– Use nail softener to soften nail edge
– Place cotton or dental floss under your toenail
– Choose sensible footwear
– Use dressing if open wound is present
– Apply antibiotic cream

Treatment by a Podiatrist

A Podiatrist may either treat the ingrown toe nail conservatively or through minor surgery.


Conservative treatment can include removing the offending nail portion and inserting cotton wool under the nail edge allowing normal growth. Success depends on the severity of the ingrown toenail.


Ingrown toenail surgery is performed under local anaesthesia. The edge of the toenail is cut straight making it narrower. In some cases removing the whole nail may be necessary.

If infection is present antibiotics may be issued. The surgery takes between 30-45 min to perform. After the surgery is performed a large dressings will be applied and patient is advised to rest between 24-48 hours.

Post operative advice includes changing dressing to a simple mepore dressing and salt water bathing every 24 hours until full healing of the wound is achieved.

How to correctly cut toenails?