Physiotherapy & Sports Massage


Stride Health Physiotherapy

Stride Health Physiotherapy is an established practice. Our treatment programmes aim to empower people to reduce symptoms and improve their quality of life.

We offer high quality specialist physiotherapy alongside complementary therapies such as acupuncture and massage. We listen carefully to your concerns and aspirations and prepare an individual programme to address your needs.

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy

At Stride Health Physiotherapy our aim is to assess, diagnose and effectively treat pain, improve movement and prevent the problem reoccurring. We will listen to your situation and prepare a treatment plan, selecting those techniques most beneficial to you. These include careful mobilisation and manipulation, electrotherapy, specific postural and ergonomic advice. We will carefully show you exercises to do at home between treatments. There is evidence that these hugely help the outcome of your treatment. The number of sessions will depend on the severity of your condition and commitment to home exercise programme given by our therapist. Common problems treated by our team include upper and lower limbs pain and injuries, back pain and sciatica, neck pain, whiplash and headaches, fractures and dislocations and repetitive strain injury.

Sports Physiotherapy

Sports Physiotherapy is concerned with the early and accurate diagnosis and treatment of injuries or the prevention of injury. Our therapists aim to rehabilitate your injury as quickly and effectively as possible and ensure your early return to exercise and sport.

We will identify your specific sporting needs and prescribe tailored treatment and exercise programmes to guide you back to your pre injury level.

Post-Operative Physiotherapy

Studies have shown the success of orthopaedic surgery depends on what you do post operatively. Often, if not managed carefully with the help of a physiotherapist, you can continue to experience ongoing problems with stiffness, pain, swelling and general lack of confidence with the limb. In the early stages our therapists help you to regain movement, decrease swelling and strengthen the muscles around the joint. We will advise you on how and when you can return to normal activities including sport. You will be given an exercise programme designed to guide you back to your pre-operative activity.

Pre-Operative Physiotherapy

A short preoperative program puts you in the best possible shape for surgery and has been shown to accelerate recovery.

Stride Health Sports Massage

Our sports massage therapist uses a range of techniques to alleviate any muscular aches and pains sustained from physical activity. Repetitive strain of muscles may result in minor injuries; sports massage combats this and initiates the healing process, thereby resulting in faster and effective recovery from injuries and in improvement in physical performance. Various methods are used to promote healing of scar tissue with an overall aim of relieving tension and stiffness from muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons.

Pre Post Event Massage

Pre-event massages are short massages aimed at preparing the body for physical exertion or loosening muscles immediately after an event.

These short massages are targeted at preparing the body for physical activity immediately prior to an event or relaxing and loosening muscles following an event.

Kinesiology Taping

Kinesio taping is a technique that our therapist has experience in; tape is used to provide support and stability to muscles and joints to promote healing of an injury.